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Getting your product to the end user can be very costly and time consuming. 

More importantly, the complex nature of product production and fulfillment distract from core skills such as marketing, product development and sales. Our fulfillment service is cost effective and often produces better results than doing the work in-house.


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Daily we process individual orders for products, literature, premiums and training materials through a variety of order-taking methods. Our account team manages your inventory according to your business rules. The team ensures the availability of the right products at the right time to meet customer demand during periods of business as usual, promotional spikes, and seasonal volume increases. Reports are utilized to track, analyze, and manage inventory level and mix. Our clients are able to produce reports to monitor, evaluate and manage their programs while allowing them to identify trends, issues and opportunities.


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NorthStar can kit package promotional & print materials together and ship to your customers, sales force, distributors, channel partners, retailers or anyone else you choose in a reliable manner. Out sourcing allows you to get it done more efficiently, cost effectively, and reliably than doing it yourself.

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